Discussion Meeting: The Future of Democracy in Iraq after the March 2010 National Elections

The recent 'Arab Spring’uprisings have largely passed Iraq by.


With the ‘drawdown’ of US combat troops from Iraq by the end of the year and in the aftermath of the Arab Spring and Global Financial crisis, what are the key priorities for Iraqi government amidst geopolitical and internal challenges?  What will be the nature of Iraqi engagement globally in the future?


Mr Al Nujaifi was elected speaker of the Council of Representatives (the Iraqi Parliament) on 11 November, 2010 with 227 out of 295 votes.In the national elections of 7 March, 2010, Dr Al Nujayfi received 275,000 votes, this was the third highest personal vote after Prime Minister Nuri al Maliki and the leader of Mr Al Nujayfi's own coalition, Iyad Allawi. In the run up to the national elections in 2010 Mr Al Nujayfi was elected Secretary General of the Iraqiyoon bloc, which formed a part of the Iraqiyya coalition.  Before this Mr Al Nujaifi was elected to the Council of Representatives in December 2005 in Iraq's second set of national elections. He also served as Minister of Industry and Minerals in Ibrahim al Jaafari's government from January to December 2005. Born in 1956 in Mosul, he has a degree in electrical engineering. 


This event will be chaired by Dr Toby Dodge, Senior Fellow for Middle East Studies, IISS. 


This is a joint event between the IISS and The Cordoba Foundation



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7th November 2011