Policy, Power and Sectarian Identities in the MENA Region

Policy, Power and Sectarian Identities in the MENA Region 

31 Mar 2015 - 09:00 to 17:30 

Chatham House, London 

Middle East and North Africa Programme 

This one-day conference will focus on the long-term implications of sectarianism in the MENA region and the related policy challenges. Increasingly, politics of sectarianism are shaping inter-community relations within and between states. This has led to escalating violence in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and mounting tensions elsewhere. With some external actors capitalizing on rising sectarian tensions to further their own political aims, there is an increasing tendency to conflate political, economic and social disaffection with sectarianism.

This conference will analyse how the intersection of politics, power and sectarian identity impacts the region and consider what approaches policy-makers, religious leaders, media and civil society could take to prevent sectarian conflict.

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