Play: Consider this....

What is forgiveness? Is it a show of courage or weakness? Is it always possible?


Consider This...  is an ensemble storytelling, live music and flm, that
explores the subject of forgiveness  inspired by and in association with The Forgiveness Project.The dramatic play is based on actual moving stories of change, forgiveness and reconciliation.  It shows how accepting forgiveness and welcoming reconciliation can bring about healing and personal and social transformation.


Consider This... Talkbacks
Post-show Talkbacks are hosted by BBC Radio’s Jeff Thomson and include:
June 20 - Marina Cantacuzino, founder of The Forgiveness Project
June 21 - Amjad Saleem, The Cordoba Foundation
June 22 - Don de Silva, Initiatives of Change UK


Tickets bought before the 1st of June are £11


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