Seminar: Multiculturalism and Recognition in Europe

ASEN, in conjunction with the Department of Government, LSE would like to invite you to our upcoming seminar with Prof. Umut Özkirimli in the Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building, from 18.30 to 20.00 on 4 February 2013.

‘And People’s Concerns Were Genuine: Why Didn’t We Listen More?’: Nationalism, Multiculturalism and Recognition in Europe

Professor Umut Özkirimli, Professor in Contemporary Turkey Studies at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University.

The aim of this seminar is to draw attention to the dangerous nature of the current debates on immigration and multiculturalism in today’s ‘omniphobic’ Europe, plagued not only by a severe economic crisis, but also a more general normative crisis, a ‘crisis of values’, which has been consistently overlooked or manipulated by politicians and academics alike, or reduced to an epiphenomenon bound to disappear when financial balances are restored. Prof. Özkirimli will argue in this context that nationalism (in some cases even outright racism) is key to understanding this crisis, a catalyst acting either as a cause or a symptom, and almost always as a profound source of legitimacy. Following a brief critique of the literature on the purported ‘death’ of multiculturalism—the academic side of the same coin—he will conclude by sketching the normative contours of an alternative model of multiculturalism, one that stresses the importance of the ideas of recognition, redistribution and participation.

Full details of this seminar and others this year's series, featuring Caroline Howarth, John Breuilly, Craig Calhoun, Ephraim Nimni and Thomas Hylland Eriksen, are now available at and here on Facebook at

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