Roundtable / Reception - Security in Europe

NEWA dialogue on Security in Europe, organised by the European Network on Religion and Belief (ENORB), exploring the contribution of Europe's diversity of religions, humanist and philosophical traditions to overcoming discrimination, violence and extremism.

Cordoba Heritage Series: Victoria and Abdul - The Story of a Queen and her Muslim Confidant

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation launches its 'Cordoba Heritage Series' with the story of Queen Victoria and Munshi Abdul Karim exploring the unusual relationship between the Empress of India and a humble servant which flourished at a time when the British Empire was at its height

Roundtable Discussion: Islam in the Balkans

NEWReligion and Society Between Europe and the Muslim World

Film Launch - Fordson: Faith, Fasting, Football and the American Dream

NEWJoin us for this first UK screening with Director Rashid Ghazi, Coach Fouad “Walker” Zaban, Former Principal of Fordson High Imad Fadlallah and the stars of the Fordson Tractors Football squad Ali Baidoun, Bilal Abu-Omarah, Baquer Sayed, Hassan Houssaiky.

Launch Event: An Introduction to Effective Lobbying & Campaigning

NEWAs a sequel to Working with the Media guide released in 2008, this is the second in a series of training manuals produced by The Cordoba Foundation. The guide provides the targeted readership with practical guidelines and tips to ‘up-skilling’ with the necessary information, tools and guidance to become not just active but proactive citizens – and ultimately to play a better and more effective role in society.