Forum: After the Riots

NEWInitiatives of Change-UK, together with the Civil Society Forum and The Cordoba Foundation, are holding a one-day forum on the !st of February 2012 to understand and respond to the Summer 2011 Riots in England. The forum will understand different perspectives on the underlying civic, moral, political and social challenges and explore what we can do individually and collectively in response.

Conference: Guantanamo Remembered

NEWA historic gathering to mark a decade of Guantanamo

Seminar: Behind Closed Doors

NEWCoalition Against Secret Evidence and The Cordoba Foundation present BEHIND CLOSED DOORS - TEN YEARS OF SECRET EVIDENCE AND HIDDEN SUFFERING
Come and learn more about this secret history and hidden suffering over the past ten years… the secret evidence, unfortunately, remains just that!

Muslim Writers Awards: Celebrating Five Years!

NEWTuesday 22nd November 2011, Shakespeare’s Globe, London

Talk: Concept of Change in the Prophetic Seerah

NEWGreenwich Islamic Centre and The Cordoba Foundation present a lecture on 'Concept of Change in the Prophetic Seerah' on Friday 11th November