Cordoba Seminars

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation invites you to 'The Socio-Political and Cultural Implications of Monotheism in a conflict-ridden world' as part of its seminar series

Conference: Council for the World Parliament of Religions: The 2009 Parliament

NEWIn today’s world, understanding between people of different traditions is not optional. It is essential. The 2009 World Parliament of Religions will give people of faith, spirit and goodwill, new reason to say that peace is still possible.

Book Launch: 'Palestine in Pieces'

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation and Middle East Monitor cordially invite you to the launch of the book 'Palestine in Pieces: Graphic Perspectives on the Israeli Occupation' by Bill and Kathleen Christison, published by Pluto Press

Conference on Faith and Climate Change

NEWA conference on Faith and Climate Change: Empowering Communities to Overcome the Global Challenge will be held from the 28th -29th of October.

Invitation to House of Lords Discussion on Preventing Violent Extremism

NEWThe discussion will be hosted by Lord Ahmed centering around the recent revelations of spying on the Muslim Community and will include prominent speakers from other civil society organisations as well as a cross party group of MPs