Forum: Re-thinking the 'Muslim Community'

NEWThe Leaf Network in association with Human Appeal presents in partnership with The Cordoba Foundation and other parners: A critical reflection on the challenges of community building with guest speaker Usama Canon from the USA

Iftar and Film Launch: Polish Muslims: An Unexpected Meeting

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation & the Embassy of Poland in London will host the film launch of 'Polish Muslims: An Unexpected Journey' on the 18th of July. This event is by invitation only

Consultation on Participatory Governance in the Context of the Post 2015 Development Agenda for the Asian Region

NEWThi is organised by the Commonwealth Foundation in partnership with Third World Network and supported by The Cordoba Foundation.

The event will be held in Malaysia from the 18-19 of July

Roundtable: The Roles of Regional State and Non-State Players and the Implications for US Afghan Withdrawal and Beyond

NEWThis event is organised by the Institute of Islamic Strategic & Socio-Political Affairs along with its project associates including The Cordoba Foundation

High-Level Roundtable on Peace Processes, Conflict and Humanitarian Needs in Myanmar.

NEWThis is an invitation only event, organised by the Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG) at the Overseas Development Institute and co-organised with efugees International, Muslim Charities Forum and The Cordoba Foundation