Lecture: Global Religious Wisdom, International Law and Conflict

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation and the Association of Sri Lankan Lawyers in the UK cordially invite you to an evening lecture given by the prominent Sri Lankan Judge and peace activist , Judge Weeramantry (former vice president of the International Court of Justice, The Hague)

Trip: Delegation to Bosnia-Herzegovina

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation will be leading a delegation of British Muslims to Bosnia-Herzegovina this year, from 24th-30 September 2013. The trip is part of ongoing work by The Cordoba Foundation in Bosnia, namely raising awareness around the massacre in Srebrenica and supporting specific projects.

Conference: Setting the Agenda - A New Vision and Voice for Diaspora in the UK

NEWBUILD (Building Understanding through International Links for Development) cordially invites you to a one day conference to highlight the role and contribution of diaspora organisations and communities to British life.

This conference (and project) is supported and facilitated by The Cordoba Foundation

Forum: Re-thinking the 'Muslim Community'

NEWThe Leaf Network in association with Human Appeal presents in partnership with The Cordoba Foundation and other parners: A critical reflection on the challenges of community building with guest speaker Usama Canon from the USA

Iftar and Film Launch: Polish Muslims: An Unexpected Meeting

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation & the Embassy of Poland in London will host the film launch of 'Polish Muslims: An Unexpected Journey' on the 18th of July. This event is by invitation only