Roundtable (Europe): Fair Treatment for all - Religion and Belief, EU Law and Equalities

NEWThis event is organised by the European Network on Religion and Belief and supported by The Cordoba Foundation

Seminar: Non Violence and Peace Building in Islam

NEWIslam as a religion and a tradition is replete with teachings and practices of nonviolence and peace building. The Cordoba Foundation, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Initiatives of Change and Salam Institute for Peace and Justice invite you to a timely seminar that will explore some of the key issues associated with non violence and peace building in Islam

Meeting: Peacebuilding in Islam - An Introduction

NEWThis meeting is being organised by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues in association with The Cordoba Foundation, Islamic Relief Worldwide and Salam Institute for Peace and Justice

Talk: The Need for Faith Inspired Non Violence Today- A Legacy of Martin Luther King's Influence

NEWTo commemorate Martin Luther King Day, St Ethelburgas Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, Islamic Relief Worldwide and The Cordoba Foundation invite you to this public talk that will explore King's influence and growing need

Roundtable: The Role of Indonesia in a Changing Muslim World

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation invites you to a roundtable discussion exploring the role of Indonesia in a changing Muslim world with Dr Nurhayati Assegaf, MP, chairperson of democrate political party group in the Indonesian House of representatives, president of Women parliamentarians of International Parliamentary Union