Book Launch: The Battle for Public Opinion in Europe

NEWThis event is jointly organised by the Middle East Monitor and The Cordoba Foundation

Roundtable: Free Speech or Islamophobia

NEWThe Enough Coalition Against Islamophobia, supported by The Cordoba Foundation and the London Muslim Centre invite you to a roundtable exploring the current surge in anti-Muslim propaganda in the media in Europe and beyond

Cordoba Seminars

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation invites you to 'Citizenship and the Accountability of Governments: The Case of British Muslims.' as part of its seminar series

Staging the Ummah: An Evening with Wajahat Ali

NEWWhat is the state of Muslim arts and culture – cutting edge and innovative, or boring and dull? Is there a need to define to a British or American Islam? How do we represent Islam on screen, on stage, through novels and in poetry? Join us as we talk to award-winning playwright and author Wajahat Ali about the state of Muslim arts and culture today.

Celebrating International Day of Peace

NEWThe International Day of Peace falls on the 21st of September and will be marked by interfaith services