ENORB is being consulted by the European Commission (DG Justice) on the current 10 year review of implementation of  the Directives on Equalities and Fundamental Rights – which cover Religion and Belief (as well as Race, Gender etc).

We hope to welcome legal experts from member states and academic institutions as well as from R&B organisations and  networks at grassroots level.  Conclusions and recommendations from this conference will be submitted to EU officials.

date: March 19-20, 2013

venue: European Parliament/Centre Espaces, Brussels, Belgium

day one: European Parliament: Bt Altiero Spinetti, Hall 78 – 1.30pm-6pm | 7.30pm-9pm

day two: Centre Espaces: 40, Avenue de la Renaissance – 9:15am-12.30pm

Limited funds available to subsidise travel costs for delegates from Eastern Europe and distant parts of Europe.

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