The Cordoba Foundation hosted a major event in London on 11 June 2024, to launch Lobbying for Zionism on Both Sides of the Atlantic, the latest work by acclaimed Israeli historian Prof Ilan Pappe.

The event was organised in partnership with the Middle East Monitor (MEMO) and One World Publications.

Attended by hundreds of people in a packed central London venue, the book launch began with a poignant moment as Dr Anas Altikriti, founder and CEO of The Cordoba Foundation, led a moment of silence in remembrance and prayers for the lives lost in Israel’s military operation in Gaza and across Palestine.

Published by One World Publications, Lobbying for Zionism on Both Sides of the Atlantic delves into the intricate and powerful networks that advocate for Zionist interests in both the US and Europe. Pappe, a professor of History at the University of Exeter and author of the bestselling The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, provided insightful commentary on his latest work.

The event featured a distinguished panel of speakers who offered their perspectives on the book and its themes. Palestinian academic, physician, and author Dr Ghada Karmi praised the book as “impressive,” noting its exploration of the origins of Christian Zionism.

Dr Daud Abdullah, director of Middle East Monitor and co-organiser of the event, emphasised the significance of Pappe’s work, stating that it goes beyond previous attempts to examine the Israeli lobby by investigating its operations in Europe and Britain.

Prof Nur Masalha, a Palestinian historian and associate member of SOAS, University of London, provided historical context, discussing the role of “millennial Christianity” and “restoration Christianity” in advancing the interests of the British Empire and the Zionist movement.

Altikriti moderated the conversation, allowing the panel to share their insights and engage with the audience in a question-and-answer session. His moderation throughout the evening facilitated a meaningful dialogue, highlighting the significance of Pappe’s work leaving no doubt about the book’s power to transform our understanding of Zionism.

Reflecting on the event, Altikriti said, “the launch of Professor Pappe’s new book marks a significant historical moment on multiple levels. The timing of this critical publication, coupled with the exceptional turnout that filled the venue to capacity, is particularly noteworthy. We are witnessing a paradigm shift in public discourse, undoubtedly influenced by the remarkable resilience and determination displayed by the people of Gaza in the face of unprecedented adversity. This shift unfolds amid a global order that urgently needs reform, one that can effectively hold rogue states accountable and ensure that no entity, regardless of power or influence, operates above the law.”

Dr Abdullah Faliq, Managing Director at The Cordoba Foundation and the lead organiser of the event, commended Prof Pappe on his new book and thanked him for making time to engage with the attendees, some of whom had travelled from across the UK and even abroad. “The relevance of this book launch is especially critical today as we see Zionism increasingly aligning with Far-Right elements and other extremist ideologies. This unholy alliance, built on shared xenophobic and nationalist sentiments, poses a significant threat to minority communities and democratic values.”

Faliq further added “Pappe’s book sheds light on recent efforts on both sides of the Atlantic to conflate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism and this discussion is particularly important as people in the US, UK and around the globe go to the polls. It serves as a timely warning about the potential impact of these lobbying efforts on electoral processes and policy-making.”

The event by The Cordoba Foundation with MEMO and OneWorld Publications not only launched an important scholarly work but also initiated a crucial dialogue about the far-reaching implications of Zionist lobbying in the West. As global attention remains focused on the ongoing situation in Palestine, Lobbying for Zionism and the discussions it has sparked provide valuable tools for understanding and addressing the complex dynamics that shape international responses to the conflict.

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