The Department of Theology and Religious Studies at Kings College London introduces the MA Abrahamic Religions and the MA Religion in Contemporary Society.

The Department of Theology & Religious Studies at King’s is highly attractive to students who wish to know more about Religions in their textual, historical and contemporary contexts.

Students will be taught by world leading academics working on Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Students will also benefit from our specialist area study centres of the Middle East, Russia, and Religion and Public Policy, hosting leading visitors such as academics, journalists, and policy makers. Students can choose from a broad range of modules and shape degrees to their interests.

In the new MA in Abrahamic Religions students develop skills in comparative research and understanding of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

The MA in Religion in Contemporary Society combines anthropology, sociology and politics, training students in understanding the role of contemporary religions in public life, globalization, and modern social transformations.

Both MAs prepare students for jobs in a wide range of professions from academic research, public service, and policy.

For more information on the MA  in Abrahamic Religion, please click here

For more information on the MA in Religion in Contemporary Society, please click here