We are a welcoming Europe

NEWEurope’s citizens are its biggest strength and the key to change the current political impasse on migration. We are coming together to launch a European-wide campaign in order to put pressure on politicians, in particular as part of the 2019 European Parliament elections, and put forth our demands.

FOE NOT FRIEND Yemeni Tribes and Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)


Yemeni tribes as collective entities have not backed or allied with AQAP, agreed to give its fighters safe haven, or endorsed its radical ideology; to the contrary, tribes have tended to see the group as a potentially serious challenge to their authority

This timely report by Nadwa Al-Dawsari unpacks the dynamics between tribes and AQAP to explain that Yemeni tribes are not an inherent part of the problem, but instead could represent a key to countering the group effectively. The report describes the evolution of al-Qaeda in Yemen since the late 1980s; what tribes are, the government’s relations with tribes, and tribes’ governance and value systems; and AQAP-tribal interactions before and during the civil war, when some tribes have coordinated with AQAP against the Houthis, a common enemy.


Meiktila violence sends warning to foreign investors

NEWThe international and regional community must better support the government of Myanmar and wider society through this difficult process of democratic reform, by encouraging an inclusive process of reconciliation, one that fosters the notion of the nation beyond perceived divides of ethnicity, religion and race.

New MA Programs from Kings College London

NEWThe Department of Theology and Religious Studies from Kings College London announces two new MA programs designed to help understanding Islam and Muslims and to overcome prejudice and stereotypes