Blog: Is the Arab Spring Over?

NEWIs the Arab Spring dead? Certainly not

Opinion - Sri Lanka: The Opportunistic Hypocrisy of Reconciliation

NEWIf we truly want reconciliation, then we have to be consistent and at least speak out against any injustice perpetrated in our name.

Opinion - Egypt Crisis:Unpacking the Role of the Media and Gulf Petro-Dollars

NEWIf there is one thing that consistently defines this era that we are living in, it is the role of the media in how it not only shapes our politics, ideology and world view but also how it seeks to manipulate issues and narratives for its own goals.

Opinion - EGYPT NARRATIVES: A Brief Critique of the Reasons Advanced to Justify the Egyptian Military Coup of July 2013

NEWIn light of the recent developments in Egypt, and in particular the escalation of violence following the July military coup, The Cordoba Foundation is pleased to publish this important paper by Dr Wael Haddara, Senior Advisor to the deposed President Mohammed Morsy. The paper, Egypt Narratives, attempts to dissect some of the major issues that currently abound and deals with the events of the past year.

Jubilant Crowds May Yet Come to Regret End of Brotherhood Government

NEWWhat a difference a democratic election makes. Only 29 months ago, Egyptians were united in celebrating the removal of Mubarak's 30-year rule and the triumph of what seemed a glorious revolution that had inspired many around the world. This week, the Egyptian people, back on the streets in their many millions, were deeply divided almost down the middle over the question of legitimacy.