Mali: Totalitarian vs. liberal Islamists

NEWI’ll be honest, I am certainly not an expert on African politics. When it comes to Mali, I would even plead total ignorance, because, until a few weeks ago, I would probably have had a hard time even finding this West African nation on a map. Yet still, since the beginning of the French military operation earlier this month, I have become a curious Mali observer.

Today We Remember Lincoln as a Great Redeemer - And That Should Give Obama Hope

NEWThis originally appeared on Huffington Post and the New Statesman

OIC Communique on Rohingya Crisis

NEWFinal Communiqué of the Extra-ordinary Executive Committee Meeting
held on 5 August 2012, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Re: Rohingya Minority

News Release:Reforming madrassas

NEWA publication on Wednesday 30th November of IPPR’s major report on Islamic supplementary schools in the UK argues that the sector can be of great benefit to British society, but it has to address criticisms and reform some of its practices – particularly on issues of gender.

Call for papers - Muslims and Political Participation in Britain

NEWCall for papers - Muslims and Political Participation in Britain