News Release: Commemorating World Interfaith Harmony Week

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation (TCF) commemorates the UN designated World Interfaith Harmony Week which takes place annually in the first full week of February.

Launch of a New Report Series on the Middle East and North Africa

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation has launched, The MENA Report, the first in a series of monthly reports, providing insights and analysis of events and developments in the Middle East and North Africa. Aimed at European and Western readerships, the report provides impartial, accurate and authoritative content and analysis, through The Cordoba Foundation's unique access to rare and highly important primary sources in the Middle East and beyond.

Press Release: Embracing the International Day of Peace

NEWOn the International Day of Peace, 21 September, The Cordoba Foundation will be joining other organisations and faith institutions to express solidarity with all efforts intended to make this world more peaceful.

Call to Action: Rohingyas of Myanmar Need Support

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation is supporting the Rohingya Minority Crisis Group in its campaign to highlight the abuses faced by the Rohingyas in Myanmar and a call for justice

News Release: A Year on From the Riots - More Needs to be Done in Moving from Blame to Positive Action

NEWFaith-based organisations must take a lead in enabling youth to find meaning and purpose in their lives, recommends a report on the riots, which shook London and other cities in England a year ago. Entitled 'After the Riots: From Blame to Positive Action', the report contains the conclusions of a national forum, jointly organised by Initiatives of Change UK, The Cordoba Foundation, Burning2Learn and the Civil Society Forum.