Press Release: New Report sheds Light on 'Think Tanks' advising UK Government

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation (TCF) welcomes the publishing today of a crucial report by Spinwatch which examines two of the most key right-wing think-tanks involved in the debate on Islam, multiculturalism and extremism

Ramadan Mubarak 1432 / 2011

NEWAs the Holy Month of Ramadan once again blesses us with its presence we at The Cordoba Foundation would like to congratulate you on the advent of this Holy Month

Statement: 18th July - Mandela Day

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation welcomes the celebration of Mandela Day in recognition of Nelson Mandela's courage and commitment to the cause of freedom and justice

Event Report: Attending the Srebrenica Memorial Day

NEWAs part of its continued work in Bosnia-Herzegovina, The Cordoba Foundation attended the commemorations in Srebrenica on 11 July, 2011 at the Potocari Memorial Centre where over 600 victims of the genocide were buried.

News Release: Srebrenica Memorial Day

NEWAs the Srebrenica Memorial Day anniversary on the 11th of July approaches its 16 year, we are once again reminded of the lengths that man could potentially go to when immersed in a state of fear, hatred and division.