Statement: 26th June - International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

NEWThe 26th of June will mark the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

News Release: Moving Beyond Osama

NEWThe death of Osama bin Laden, should signal the end of one of the most difficult phases in the relationship between the West and the Muslim world. It should bring closure to a painful 10 years after 9/11. It should lessen the need for mainstream Muslim organisations to feel always under pressure to condemn the ideology espoused by Al-Qaeda and like many other historical moments, should provide us with a chance to think, ponder and reflect.

Press Release: Cordoba Foundation CEO visits Egypt for Explorator​y Mission

NEWAnas Altikriti, Chief Executive of The Cordoba Foundation (TCF) has arrived in Cairo today to conduct exploratory consultations with civil society and political leaders following the ousting of Hosni Mubarak as President of Egypt

Press Release: Approaches to Tackling Terrorism and the Question of Multiculturalism

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation (TCF) welcomes the publication of 'The Edge of Violence' by DEMOS, which suggests a 'radical' approach to tackling home grown terrorism.

Press Release: Middle East Protests Represents Opportunity to do Something Right

NEWThe wave of popular uprising sweeping the Middle East is indicative of a rising empowerment of people dissatisfied with decades of corruption, poverty, lack of democracy and the freedom of expression.