Press Release: Approaches to Tackling Terrorism and the Question of Multiculturalism

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation (TCF) welcomes the publication of 'The Edge of Violence' by DEMOS, which suggests a 'radical' approach to tackling home grown terrorism.

Press Release: Middle East Protests Represents Opportunity to do Something Right

NEWThe wave of popular uprising sweeping the Middle East is indicative of a rising empowerment of people dissatisfied with decades of corruption, poverty, lack of democracy and the freedom of expression.

News Release: Baroness Warsi's Speech on Islamophobia - Welcome First Step

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation (TCF) welcomes the speech made yesterday by Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Co-Chairman on the Conservative Party, at Leicester University, raising concerns about the growing anti-Muslim prejudice in Britain

Event Report: The Role of Faith in Reconciling Post Conflict Sri Lanka

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation facilitated a discussion on 'the role of Faith in Post Conflict Sri Lanka' in partnership with the Mahatma Ghandi Centre and the North East Interfaith Forum on the 4th of January 2011

Event Report: An African Answer to an African Problem

NEWOn the 12th of November, a new documentary, ‘An African Answer’, featuring the reconciliation work done in Kenya of Imam Ashafa and Pastor James from Nigeria, was screened in London.