Event Report:One Day International Conference: Moving Beyond the Rhetoric

NEWA one day conference entitled Moving Beyond the Rhetoric: Increasing Trust between Faiths, Beliefs, Cultures and Communities.

Event Report: World Muslim Leadership Forum: The Muslim World in the Face of the New Economic Order

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation facilitated the World Muslim Leadership Forum chaired by H.E Shaukat Aziz, Former Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Event Report: Roundtable Discussion - Role of Faith Based Organisations in Peace Building in Conflict Affected Sri Lanka

NEWA discussion was held exploring the role of religious institutions in peace building in conflict affected Sri Lanka

Press Release:Quilliam's Maajid Nawaz has to retract his false claim

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation (TCF) rejects utterly libellous allegations made against it by co-director of the Quilliam Foundation Maajid Nawaz.

Event Report: Cordoba Seminars - No Enemy to Conquer: Building Peace in an Age of Conflict

NEWCordoba Seminars is a monthly / bi-monthly seminar series that dissects issues and policies relevant to dialogue and civilisations.

This month's seminar during the month of Ramadan concentrated on the topic of 'Forgiveness' in Reconciliation