Moving from Interfaith Dialogue to Multifaith Action

NEWNext week, the international community will be marking World Interfaith Harmony Week designated by the United Nations to occur annually in the first full week of February where there will be a chance for the global community to promote harmony between all people and to establish a dialogue amongst the different faiths and religions in an attempt to enhance mutual understanding, harmony and cooperation.

What does 2013 hold for The Arab Spring?

NEWIf 2011 was the year that shook the world and saw one Arab regime after another tumble and fall, then 2012 was the year when the Arab people grappled with the challenges, strains and opportunities of their newly attained freedoms. So what does 2013 hold?

From Tolerance to Compassion

NEWOn November 16th, it will be the International day of Tolerance, one of those UN designated days that are designed to gather global support around a cause, this one being the need to tolerate each other.

Rakhine crisis: Restricted humanitarian access and risk of radicalisation

NEWThe Myanmar government must do more to facilitate humanitarian access to all those affected by the violence.

The Feast: Finding Common Ground in Abraham's Legacy

NEWOn the 26th of October 2012, it was the Feast (or Eid ul Adha) symbolizing the culmination of the pilgrimage by Muslims to Mecca (the Hajj). These few days of light and love are supposed to characterise meditation, blessings and prayers for peace.