Article: Terrorism Policy Flaws 'Increased Risk of Attacks'

NEWBritain's fight against terrorism has been a disaster, because its "flawed, neo-conservative" direction alienated Muslims and increased the chances of terrorist attacks, a former leading counter-terrorism officer has told the Guardian.

News Release: 7th US-Islamic World Forum

NEWThe 7th Us-Islamic World Forum took place in Doha between the 13th - the 15th of February

Press Release: Leaders Condemn Church Bombings in Malysia

NEWFollowing a recent spate of attacks against churches in Muslim countries, faith leaders and academics have united in their vociferous condemnation and calls for religious pluralism

Claims that the Government anti-terrorism strategy 'spies' on innocent

NEWAccording to reports in the Guardian backed by an independent report produced by the Institute of Race Relations, the Government's Preventing Violent Extremism programme has been used to obtain unnecessary information on innocent people

Article: Arab Democracy - Is it Criminal to be a Reformist Voice?

NEWFor decades, the common charge is that Islam and Arab culture are incompatible with democracy and human rights. The easy and common culprit we identify today is religious extremist and terrorists. But beyond this superficial response are the deeper causes, too often including the policies of Arab/Muslim and Western leaders.