Call for Papers

NEWMulticulturalism in a Globalised Society: European Muslims, Identity and Citizenship

Speech: 15 Years of the Srebrenica Memorial

NEWSpeech of the Grand Mufti of Bosnia, Dr Mustafa Ceric, on the Occaision of the 15th Anniversary of the Srebrenica Massacres, 11th July 2010

Article: Terrorism Policy Flaws 'Increased Risk of Attacks'

NEWBritain's fight against terrorism has been a disaster, because its "flawed, neo-conservative" direction alienated Muslims and increased the chances of terrorist attacks, a former leading counter-terrorism officer has told the Guardian.

News Release: 7th US-Islamic World Forum

NEWThe 7th Us-Islamic World Forum took place in Doha between the 13th - the 15th of February

Press Release: Leaders Condemn Church Bombings in Malysia

NEWFollowing a recent spate of attacks against churches in Muslim countries, faith leaders and academics have united in their vociferous condemnation and calls for religious pluralism