3 Years on: A Hurting Stalemate in Sri Lanka

NEWLast month saw the official marking of three years after the end of the 28 year old war that plagued Sri Lanka, killing thousands and setting the country back in terms of development and prosperity. Yet three years on, it seems that not much has changed.

Victoria and Abdul: A friendship ahead of its time

NEWFew stories, however, have managed to tick all the boxes for me as well as the story of Victoria and Abdul.

History in the making, as written by the youth

NEWIt might be a cliche and often an elaborate exaggeration to term a particular event “historic”. However, few can doubt that along with the Civil Rights movements, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall, the revolutions that have swept through the Arab world are no less momentous or historic.


Remembering Fred Shuttlesworth : The Fire Brand Preacher

NEWA commentary on the contributions of Fred Shuttlesworth to the civil rights movement and beyond.


Western Fear of the ‘Islamist Other’

NEWAn analysis of the role of ‘Islamic political parties’ or ‘Islamists’ in the democratic transition sweeping the Arab World, and a questioning of the West’s response to this,