A Protean Riot requires a Protean Response

NEWBritain's societal discord revealed by the recent riots requires community and governmental efforts to restore harmony.

The Ramifications of the Channel 4 Documentary on Sri Lanka's Reconciliation

NEWThe recently telecast Channel 4 documentary on Killing Fields of Sri Lanka sheds no new light (despite claims to the contrary), in terms of groundbreaking evidence, regarding the incidents related to the end of the war in Sri Lanka. If anything, it will seek to entrench already hardened attitudes and decrease the ever reducing space for dialogue and reconciliation

Viewpoint: The Killing of Bin Laden - the end that never was

NEWThe killing of Osama bin Laden on Monday 3rd of May was indeed a historical advent which ought to signal the end of one of the most difficult phases in the relationship between the West and the Muslim world.

Burning the Myths about Islam

NEWThe 'Arab Spring' shows that the Quran burning riot in Afghanistan had little to do with Islam itself

The Imam and the Pastor

NEWThe story of the Imam and the Pastor, coming out of Nigeria as a model for coexistence, serves as a good reminder of the power that individuals have to make a change