Event Report - Critical Platform: The Arab Spring - Three Years On

NEWThis is an event report on seminar on the inauguration of Critical Platform, on the 20th of March 2014. Held in partnership with The Cordoba Foundation the seminar refected on the three years of unprecedented changes in the Middle East and North Africa, ranging from free and fair elections to the violent suppression of change.

Event Report: Roundtable on European Muslims: Citizenship and Islamophobia

NEWThis is a report of the event, jointly hosted by The Cordoba Foundation and the Enough Coalition Against Islamophobia, took place on 11th February 2014 at the London Muslim Centre, London. It was part of the Cordoba Seminars series, which analysis issues and developments in the arena of research, dialogue and current affairs.

Event Report - Roundtable on the Crisis in Egypt

NEWOn Tuesday 1st October 2013, The Cordoba Foundation hosted a closed-door high-level roundtable on the crisis in Egypt. The roundtable brought together representatives from the High Commissions of several Southeast Asian countries, and expert political reporters and analysts. This is a short report of those discussions

Event Report: Exclusive Citizenship and Contemporary Theories of Transnational Justice

NEWThis is a summary of the proceedings of a timely conference held in Poland focusing on citizenship and contemporary challenges to building equal and fair societies across Europe.

Event Report - UN Day of Peace 2013

NEWThese are the highlights of the celebrations around London commemorating the UN International Day of Peace