Going Beyond the Rhetoric: The Muslim Aid-UMCOR partnership in Sri Lanka

NEWThis paper highlights practical examples of dialogue and collaboration between Muslim Aid and UMCOR showing how different faith communities make natural allies for the promotion and success of cross border linking and play a part in making humanitarian work more efficient and effective whilst showing that inter-faith cooperation means something practical as well as spiritual

Muslim Voters Come of Age

NEWIn the 2010 British General Elections, the Muslim vote will transcend religious and ethnic affinities - and traditional support for Labour

Minarets and Europe's Crisis

NEWThe banning of the minarets in Switzerland casts a poor light on values of freedom and democracy

Blogs: The World Parliament of Religion

NEWBlogs from the World Parliament of Religions

Tents in SL refugee camps - AM

Sri Lanka's Path to Peace

NEWAfter 26 years of war that cost thousands of innocent lives, the defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has brought Sri Lanka to a crossroads. The Sri Lankan Diaspora must work together to build a collective identity