Ramadan Mubarak

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation sends its best wishes to friends, colleagues and supporters observing the Holy Month of Ramadan

Event Report: Launch of Cordoba Papers - A Call to Action for Muslim Civil Society in Britain

NEWOn Wednesday 26th June at the Osmani Centre, London, The Cordoba Foundation launched the latest in a series of the Cordoba Papers, titled "Meet the Challenge, Make the Change - A Call to Action for Muslim Civil Society in Britain".

Seventy Six Civil Society Organisations Call for Greater Protection of Rohingya

NEWToday, The Cordoba Foundation and 75 other civil society organisations including the Equal Rights Trust issued a joint statement calling for an end to on-going human rights and humanitarian abuses against the stateless Rohingya in Rakhine state of Myanmar.

Survey- We Want To Hear From You

NEWPlease participate in an anonymous survey designed to help us improve our products and services

Press Release: Conflating Islamophobia with 'Islamic extremism' breeds misunderstanding

NEWThe Cordoba Foundation responds to accusations made by Andrew Gilligan against our organisation in the Telegraph on the 1st of June 2013