Muslims, Schooling and the Question of Self-Segregation

NEWAuthor: Dr Shamim Miah - Senior Lecturer at the School of Education, University of Huddersfield, UK.

Commonwealth People's Forum 2013 Declaration

NEWCivil society representatives have presented the Commonwealth People's Forum 2013 Declaration to Foreign Ministers gathered for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Colombo


NEWThis Declaration comes as a response to recent events in Boston and London with an emphasis on the unacceptable use and abuse of the name of Allah and Islam, especially in the case of the London killing.

Report: EU's response to the Arab Spring: The State-of-Play after Two Years

NEWA timely report from the EU analysing its response to the Arab Spring

Building a Shared Future: Launch of an E-Book Series on Islam in the US & Europe

NEWThe British Council's Our Shared Future project and the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre of Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge have released a series of four e-books featuring commentary from leading global experts on Islam and Muslim intercultural relations including from The Cordoba Foundation

Fear, Inc. - The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America

NEWA new report that looks at the Islamophobia network that profoundly misrepresents Islam and American Muslims in the United States.

Measuring the State of Muslim-West Relations

NEWMeasuring the State of Muslim-West Relations: Assessing the “New Beginning” presents an in-depth analysis of Muslims’ and Westerners’ attitudes toward interactions between their societies.

New Publications on Political Islam

NEWThe Brookings Institution has published two new reports on Political Islam

Spooked! How Not to Prevent Violent Extremism

NEWThe recent report by The Institute of Race Relations on the Government's Program for Preventing Violent Extremism makes for some interesting reading and insight

Concerns about British and EU Roles in the Occupied West Bank

NEWThroughout the past decade the European Union (EU) and Britain have
invested hundreds of millions of Euros and pounds respectively to
support the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the Israeli Occupied West
Bank and Gaza Strip but recent reports of torture question this role