Issue 2 | January 2019 | The Cordoba Foundation

*The Tariq Ramadan affair, which exploded internationally in October 2017 and became by far the most mediatised #MeToo case of rape accusations1 in France, is no longer making headlines despite still unfolding and generating regular plot twists.

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The Cordoba Foundation (TCF) is an independent strategic thinktank that works to promote intercultural dialogue and positive coexistence, through a range of activities including research and publications, training and capacity building, policy briefings and dialogues. The Foundation takes its name from the city of Cordoba, the European metropolis that was once a symbol of human excellence and intellectual ingenuity, where cultures, civilisations and ideas thrived. Embodying this spirit, the Foundation today facilitates the meeting of minds, to advance understanding and respect for one another. Cultures in Dialogue