The Cordoba Foundation is supporting the Institute of Islamic Strategic & Socio-Political Affairs in a series of roundtables examining the Us-Afghan Withdrawal Program

The event will discuss the following questions:

  What is  the  Pakistani  army’s  current  and  future  Afghan  policy  and  how  does  it  impact  upon  the  US  withdrawal from Afghanistan and its aftermath?
  The allegations towards the ISI: Facts, fictions, implications?
  The Pakistani army and US army and intelligence relations?
  What may be the new power structure in 2014 Afghan presidential elections and  how will the Pashtun  people be represented?
  How will cross-border movements over the Durand line affect the post-2014 security situation?
  What is the current state of play regarding armed groups (Haqqani network, LeJ, LeT, TTP, Al Qaeda etc.)  in the Afghan-Pakistan borderlands?
  In what way might we expect the dynamics of these armed groups operating in FATA to change following  the Coalition’s withdrawal and the 2014 Afghan elections?

The event will be held on the 3rd of July and is by invitation only.

The event will be held under Chatham House Rules