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Tuesday 11TH August 2020

6pm-7:30pm (UK) | 1pm-2:30pm (USA)




Prof John L. Esposito
University Professor of Religion and International Affairs and of Islamic Studies and Founding Director of the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Centre for Muslim-Christian Understanding and of The Bridge Initiative: Protecting Pluralism – Ending Islamophobia at Georgetown University. In 2019 he was S. Rajaratnam Professor of Strategic Studies, Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore. His has authored more than 55 books on the Middle East, Islam, Violence and Democracy. A former President of the American Academy of Religion and Middle East Studies Association of North America, he is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Council of 100 Leaders and the E.C. European Network of Experts on De-Radicalisation, a Senior Scientist for The Gallup Centre for Muslim Studies, and ambassador for the UN Alliance of Civilisations.


Phyllis Bennis
Fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, and of the Amsterdam-based Transnational Institute. She writes and speaks widely across the U.S. and internationally on Middle East issues including Palestine-Israel, US wars and US foreign policy – appearing in the media, lecturing at universities and teach-ins, briefing parliamentarians and government officials. She is a co-founder of the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights and currently serves on the national board of Jewish Voice for Peace and the board of the Afro-Middle East Centre in Johannesburg. Her books include Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Primer, and Understanding ISIS and the New Global War on Terror. She has served as an informal adviser to several top UN officials on Palestine issues and was short-listed twice to become the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Territory.


Dr Abdullah Al-Arian
Associate professor of history at Georgetown University in Qatar where he specializes in the modern Middle East and the study of Islamic social movements. He is the author of Answering the Call: Popular Islamic Activism in Sadat’s Egypt (Oxford University Press). His next book compares the historical experiences of Islamist movements in six different countries and will be published by Cambridge University Press. He is also editor of the Critical Currents in Islam page on the Jadaliyya website.


Dr Nader Hashemi
Director of the Centre for Middle East Studies and an Associate Professor of Middle East and Islamic Politics at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. He is the author of Islam, Secularism and Liberal Democracy: Toward a Democratic Theory for Muslim Societies (Oxford University Press, 2009) and co-editor of The People Reloaded: The Green Movement and the Struggle for Iran’s Future (Melville House, 2011), The Syria Dilemma (MIT Press, 2013) and Sectarianisation: Mapping the New Politics of the Middle East (Oxford University Press, 2017).


Dr Anas Altikriti – Moderator
Founder and CEO of The Cordoba Foundation; Advisor on global strategic affairs and leading figure in the global Anti-war movement. Hostage negotiator since 2005.



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