From Srebrenica to Gaza: The Fading Promise of “Never Again”

In the shadow of the Holocaust (1933-1945) and the solemn promise of 'Never Again,' Raphael Lemkin, a Jewish Polish legal scholar, introduced a haunting term to encapsulate the horrors of mass murder: genocide. Lemkin described it as a deliberate scheme to obliterate...

Full conference video: Tunisia at a Crossroads

Full recording of Tunisia at a Crossroads conference, organised by The Cordoba Foundation, 23 June 2023, The Royal College of Pathologists, London.


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We are a welcoming Europe

Millions have stood up to help. Europe’s citizens are its biggest strength and the key to change the current political impasse on migration. We are coming together to launch a European-wide campaign in order to put pressure on politicians, in particular as part of the...

Blog: Is the Arab Spring Over?

Is the Arab Spring dead? Certainly not according to Dr Anas Al Tikriti, the British-Arab founder of Cordoba Foundation, who was one of the panelists on 20 March 2014 at the Skeel Lecture Theatre (Queen Mary University of London). Dr Anas came to prominence in the UK...



Jewish-Muslim coexistence in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jewish-Muslim coexistence in Bosnia and Herzegovina

WELCOME to the first edition of Insights for 2022. We have recovered from last year’s covid-induced break and are delighted to present the first edition of Insights for 2022 with a two-part special, focusing on Bosnia and Herzegovina. In part one, Dr Dževada Šuško...