Leadership, Staff & Governance

Our board of directors is composed of distinguished business executives, academics, former government officials and community leaders.

We  have an Advisory Council made up of prominent personalities (academics, policy makers and experts) who meet quarterly to advice and discuss the work of the organization to advise the CEO and Board of Directors but who hold non executive powers.    The Council brings unique knowledge and skills in order to more effectively govern the organization as well as help provide support to programs.


The senior management team also has the services of technical consultants who provides high-level technical advice and expertise to the organisation and Advisory Council.

Staff Structure

We have 4 departments  which we operate:

  1. Research and Publications
  2. Communications
  3. Programmes:
    • Middle East and North Africa
    • Conflicts
  4. Support Services

Fellows of the Foundation
Fellows of the Foundation  play an active role in shaping and developing the activities of a learned society intent on meeting intellectual and creative gaps.

The Foundation  exists to serve and facilitate its Fellows, people who have made substantial contributions through research, scholarship, writing, teaching, media work, work in the arts and design, music and performing arts, community engagement, policy and by developing civil society.

The Foundation through its fellows seeks to play a proactive role in improving channels of communication and make positive contributions to policy formation and public debate
•    Fellows receive free copies of  all  publications.
•    Fellows  get priority invites and access to all events.
•    Fellows have exclusive access to project groups to support, encourage, and further the work and concerns of the diversity of its membership.
•    Fellows participate in shaping the Foundation’s agenda and programmes, and play an active role in the nomination of new Fellows.


For more information about the Fellowship program or to become a Fellow, please contact us on info@thecordobafoundation.com