Cordoba Seminars: Government Review of the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain: Unravelling the Motives

Cordoba Seminars: Government Review of the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain: Unravelling the Motives

David Cameron recently ordered a “review” into the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain, which is to be conducted by the British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. The review comes at a time when the Muslim Brotherhood, victors in Egypt’s only free election to date, is being subject to the most ferocious repression by the military regime.

This timely seminar asks whether this review represents a threat to British liberties and favours the perpetrators of human rights abuses everywhere. Moreover, is the review the result of pressure placed on the British government by undemocratic regimes abroad? Could our Prime Minister be setting a dangerous precedent by conducting this review?

Join us for a lively discussion and exchange of views.


Wednesday 28th May 20145:45PM – 9PMRoyal Overseas LeaguePrincess Alexandra Hall
Overseas House, Park Place, St. James’s Street London SW1A 1LR
Nearest Tube: Green Park

Film Screening: Polish Muslims: An Unexpected Meeting

Film Screening: Polish Muslims: An Unexpected Meeting

The Cordoba Foundation & the Polish Expats Association will host the film screening of ‘Polish Muslims: An Unexpected Journey’ on the 14th of May at the Muath Trust in Birmingham.

The documentary focuses on building bridges in a multi-cultural society and poses three central questions:

1) Who are the Muslims in Poland?
2) How do they perceive their belonging to the Polish Society?
3) What issues affect them most?


Critical Platform: The Arab Spring – Three Years On

Critical Platform: The Arab Spring – Three Years On

Since the start of the Arab Revolutions three years ago, the Middle East and North Africa has witnessed a kaleidoscope of dramatic developments. These range from free and fair elections to the violent suppression of change. important questions abound regarding the present and future scenarios such as addressing the festering crises in Egypt, Syria and elsewhere.

Join the timely seminar to explore further with the following experts:

  • Dr Maha Azzam – Associate Fellow, MENA Programme, Chatham House
  • Oliver McTernan – Director of Forward Thinking
  • Dr Omar Ashour – Lecturer in Middle East politics and director of the Middle East graduate studies program, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, Exeter Universty
  • Dr Anas Altikriti – CEO, The Cordoba Foundation


Date & Time: Thursday 20th March: 6.30pm-9pm

Venue: Queen Mary, University of London

Free Entry. All Welcome !!!

To register, please click here

Cordoba Seminars – 11th February 2014

Cordoba Seminars – 11th February 2014

The Cordoba Foundation & the Enough Coalition Against Islamophobia invite you to a roundtable as part of the Cordoba Seminar Series:

Title – European Muslims: Citizenship & Islamophobia

Speaker – Dr Konrad Pedziwiatr (Cracow University of Economics & Tischner European University, Krakow, Poland)

Venue: London Muslim Centre – Visitors Centre (46 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1X – closest tubes: Aldgate East / Whitechapel)

Date and Time: 11th February 2014, 5.45pm

Entrance is free, but spaces limited.  Booking is essential!!!

To make a booking please contact / 020 8991 3372

Book Launch: The Parameters of Halal and Haram in Shari’ah and the Halal Industry

Book Launch: The Parameters of Halal and Haram in Shari’ah and the Halal Industry

The subject of Halal and Haram, notably meat, and meat products, is of central importance to Muslims with growing focus on ethical aspects of meat production, food safety and cleanliness, and the welfare of animals demanding greater attention. But there is more to the Halal industry than simply meat. The issue of Hala touches many areas of Muslim life. Because the industry is driven by the market realities of supply and demand, better understanding of Islamic principles is vital.

Professor Hashim Kamali will be offering his unique insight and expertise (from Islamic jurisprudence) into this matter whilst sharing the Malaysian Experience.

Date & Time: 23rd September 2013, Doors open at 6.30pm

Venue: Initiatives of Change, 24 Greencoat Place, London, SW1P 1RD. Near Victoria Station (Please click here for a map and directions to the venue)


Please click here to book your place.

Commemoration: Marking the International Day of Peace

Commemoration: Marking the International Day of Peace

The UN International Day of Peace is marked in September each year.

This year local schools, churches, synagogues, temples, gudwaras and community organisations will all be marking this day.

We invite you to attend this day and to exchange messages of peace

Lecture: Global Religious Wisdom, International Law and Conflict

Lecture: Global Religious Wisdom, International Law and Conflict

The Cordoba Foundation and the Association of Sri Lankan Lawyers in the UK cordially invite you to an evening lecture given by the prominent Sri Lankan Judge and  peace activist , Judge Weeramantry (former vice president of the International Court of Justice, The Hague) and author of many books including one on Islamic Jurisprudence.  (Invite attached)

Date : 4th September 2013

Venue : BPP Law School (Holborn) 68-70 Red Lion Street, London WC1R 4NY

Please note that this is a ticketed event (£10 professionals / £7 students) and must be paid to the Association of Sri Lankan lawyers

Trip: Delegation to Bosnia-Herzegovina

Trip: Delegation to Bosnia-Herzegovina

The Cordoba Foundation will be leading a delegation of British Muslims to Bosnia-Herzegovina this year, from 24th-30 September 2013. The trip is part of ongoing work by The Cordoba Foundation in Bosnia, namely raising awareness around the massacre in Srebrenica and supporting specific projects.

In this trip we will be accompanied by a distinguished South African scholar, Shaykh Ebrahim Bham. Shaykh ham has served in various capacities in South Africa at Newtown Islamic Institute, Al-Aqsa Institute, and the Mayfair Jameand Hamidiamosques.

Presently the chief theologian and general-secretary of the Council of Muslim Theologians in Johannesburg, South Africa,ShaykhBham is an executive member of National Religious Leaders Forum; executive member of Muslim AIDS Programme (MAP); national trustee of Moral Regeneration Movement; and a leading figure within the United‘Ulama Council of South Africa (UUCSA).

1.    Observe how Bosnian Muslims have responded and are recovering from the long years of war, destruction and ethnic-cleansing.
2.    Discuss and exchange ideas and thoughts about the Muslim experience in Europe and future scenarios.
3.    Support specific fundraising projects.
4.    Raise greater awareness of the genocide.