Meeting: Peacebuilding in Islam – An Introduction

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues, The Cordoba Foundation, Islamic Relief Worldwide and Salam Institute for Peace and Justice invite you to a meeting that will focus on addressing the Islamic traditions of conflict transformation and peacebuilding.

Date and Time: Tuesday 22 January 2013; 6.30pm-8.30pm
Venue: Committee Room 10, House of Commons

Andy Slaughter MP

Throughout the world’s most volatile regions, academics and practitioners are proposing that novel approaches to peacebuilding should now incorporate indigenous and local cultural methods of interventions and analysis into the systematic ‘Western’ models being employed.
Islam as a religion and a tradition is replete with teachings and practices of nonviolence and peacebuilding. Since its formative years, Muslim communities have been empowered by various Islamic values and principles of peace. Nevertheless, since the September 11 attacks of 2001, a large number of studies have ignored the Islamic tradition of peace and nonviolence and focused mainly on Islamic fundamentalism and recent emergence of radical Islamic movements.
So how do Muslim men and women resolve their conflicts peacefully and establish just social, political and economic systems?

Prof Mohamed Abu Nimer is professor in International Peace and Conflict Resolution at the American University’s School of International Service in Washington DC, and Director of the Salaam Institute for Peace and Justice. He is an expert in conflict resolution and dialogue for peace. As a practitioner, he has conducted conflict resolution training workshops and intervened in many conflict areas around the world including: Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Northern Ireland, Philippines (Mindanao), Sri Lanka and the US. His list of publications include Interfaith Peacebuilding and Dialogue in the Middle East: From Sacred to Political; Nonviolence and Peacebuilding in Islam:Theory and Practice; Reconciliation, Coexistence, and Justice:Theory and Practice.

Dr Qamar ul Huda is a scholar of Islam and Senior Program Officer in the Religion and Peacemaking Centre at the US Institute of Peace. His area of expertise is Islamic theology, intellectual history, ethics, comparative ethics, the language of violence, conflict resolution and non-violence in contemporary Islam. His edited USIP book, The Crescent and Dove: Peace and Conflict Resolution in Islam, provides a critical analysis of models of nonviolent strategies, peace-building and conflict resolution in Muslim communities. His research is on comparative Sunni-Shi’ite interpretations of social justice, ethics and dialogue, and how the notion of justice is used and appropriated. Dr Huda is the author of Striving for Divine Union: Spiritual Exercises for Suhrawardi Sufis.

Dr S Ayse Kadayifci-Orellana is a founding member and the Associate Director of Salam Institute for Peace and Justice. She is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the field of Peace and Conflict Resolution at the School of International Service at American University, Washington DC. In addition to teaching, lecturing and publishing extensively, Dr Kadayifci-Orellana has facilitated dialogues and conflict resolution workshops between Israelis and Palestinian; conducted Islamic conflict resolution training workshops with imams and Muslim youth leaders in the United States, Saudi Arabia and Sudan; organised and participated in interfaith and intra-Muslim dialogues; and was part of the first American-Muslim delegation to Iran in November 2012.

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Secretariat, APPG on Conflict Issues

The Secretariat to the APPGCI is provided by Engi, a social venture that aims to further effective, non-violent conflict management by strengthening links between peace-building and Parliament, government, civil society and the private sector.

Talk: The Need for Faith Inspired Non Violence Today- A Legacy of Martin Luther King’s Influence

Talk: The Need for Faith Inspired Non Violence Today- A Legacy of Martin Luther King’s Influence

This is organised by St Ethelburgas Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, Islamic Relief Worldwide and The Cordoba Foundation

Martin Luther King Day is a timely reminder of the importance of the tools of Non Violence  when combatting oppression and injustice.

St Ethelburgas Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, Islamic Relief Worldwide and The Cordoba Foundation cordially invite you to a talk that explores his legacy whilst discussing the need for faith inspired non violent movements in today’s world.

Date & Time: 21st January 2013, 6pm – 9pm

Venue: St Ethelburgas Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, 78 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AG

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Roundtable: The Role of Indonesia in a Changing Muslim World

Roundtable: The Role of Indonesia in a Changing Muslim World

Spread across a chain of thousands of islands between Asia and Australia, Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population and Southeast Asia’s biggest economy and can claim to be one of the earlier pioneers of an Islamic democracy.  Suffering badly from the Asian economic crisis of the 1990s, Indonesia has been largely silent on the international scene, slowing buidling back.

A devastating tsunami in 2004 provided an opportunity for Indonesia to pave the way towards settling some of the internal conflicts that had been affecting it.

In the wake of the numerous changes happening in the Middle East, much is being made about the rise of Islamic Democracy.  Indonesia has a role to play in developing the arguments on this.

Join us for an interesting roundtable discussion on ‘ The Role of Indonesia in a Changing Muslim World’

Speaker – Dr Nurhayati Ali Assegaf

DATE:  Wed 7th November 2012.
TIME:   1.15pm (lunch will be served)
PLACE:  Room 306, 3rd Floor, London Muslim Centre , 46 Whitechapel Road, London E1.  (Nearest tube: Aldgate East / Whitechapel )

Limited places!!!

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Book Launch: The Battle for Public Opinion in Europe

Book Launch: The Battle for Public Opinion in Europe

The Middle East Monitor & the Cordoba Foundation cordially invite you to:

Book Launch – The Battle for Public Opinion in Europe


Tim Llewellyn, former BBC Middle East Correspondent
Seamus Milne, Guardian Columnist and Associate Editor
Jackie Rowland, Al Jazeera Correspondent

Chaired by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (The Independent)

Date: Thursday 18th October 2012

Time: Start 6.45pm (Light refreshments and registration at 6.15pm)

Venue: Senate House, Chancellor’s Hall, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HU


Roundtable: Free Speech or Islamophobia

Roundtable: Free Speech or Islamophobia

Following the insulting and provocative American film, “Innocence of Muslims”, the French media added fuel to the fire of by publishing offensive cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Left-wing alt-weekly Charlie Hebdo ran cartoons that depicted a naked, turbaned Prophet in profoundly racist and offensive ways. To make matters worse, French interior minister Manuel Valls announced that demonstrations against Islamophobia would be officially banned and that “any incitement to hatred must be fought with the greatest firmness”.

The  discussion will focus  on the current surge in anti-Muslim propaganda in the media in Europe and beyond.

Date and time: Wednesday 3rd October, 2012  – 6pm
Venue: London Muslim Centre, 46 Whitechapel Road, London E1. (Nearest tube: Aldgate East/ Whitechapel)


Marwan Muhammad is a member of the Collective Against Islamophobia on France, which helps victims of Islamophobic crimes as well as monitors and collates information on Islamophobia and racism. Muhammad is a statistician by profession and author of ‘Foul Express’. He recently appeared on a CNN debate, following nude cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published by the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. –
Supported by London Muslim Centre and The Cordoba Foundation


Enough Coalition Against Islamophobia is a network of groups and individuals who came together to campaign against Muslim racism in Britain.

Cordoba Seminars – 25th September 2012

Cordoba Seminars – 25th September 2012

The Cordoba Foundation invites you to its Cordoba Seminars series:

Title – Citizenship and the Accountability of Governments

Speaker  – Professor Hashim Kamali, CEO of the International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies.

Prof Kamali will be speaking on his latest book ‘Citizenship and Accountability of Government: An Islamic Perspective’ which is the final volume in a series on fundamental rights and liberties in Islam.
Copies of the book will be available on the night to purchase.

Venue: The Seminar Suite, Level 4, The London Muslim Centre

Date and time: 25th September 2012, 5.45pm

Entrance is Free. Limited spaces

Staging the Ummah: An Evening with Wajahat Ali

A Provocative Look at the State of Muslim Culture Today

Rumi’s Cave
26 Willesden Lane
Kilburn, London
7.00 pm – 9:30 pm
Nearest Stations (Kilburn, Kilburn Park, Kilburn High Road)

What is the state of Muslim arts and culture – cutting edge and innovative, or boring and dull?
Is there a need to define to a British or American Islam? How do we represent Islam on screen, on stage, through novels and in poetry?
Doesn’t staging the ummah mean we are just selling a “safe” version Islam to the chattering classes?
Join us as we talk to award-winning playwright and author Wajahat Ali about the state of Muslim arts and culture today – and whether the project of defining a culturally relevant Islam for our times is even worth pursing.

FREE – but space is limited, so let us know you are coming!

Supported by the Radical Middle Way, The Leaf Network, The Cordoba Foundation and Rumi’s Cave.

Wajahat Ali – playwright, author, journalist and attorney – is a Muslim American of Pakistani descent and is the author of the acclaimed play, The Domestic Crusaders, which premiered in 2005 at the Thrust Stage of the Berkeley Repertory Theatre and San Jose University Theatre, broke box office records in New York in 2009, was published by McSweeney’s in December 2010 and went on to be performed at Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC.

Ali’s essays and interviews on contemporary affairs, politics, the media, popular culture and religion frequently appear in the Washington Post, The Guardian , Salon , Slate , McSweeney’s , Wall Street Journal Blog ,  Huffington Post , ,  CounterPunch and Chowk, among other on-line sites. His blog, “Goatmilk: An Intellectual Playground ” is ranked in the top 7% of all political blogs by Wajahat is the recipient of Muslim Public Affairs Council’s prestigious “Emerging Muslim American Artist” recognition of 2009 and was given the 2011 Otto Award for Political Theatre.

In 2011, he was the lead author and researcher of “Fear Inc., The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America” published by The Center for American Progress. Ali is the co-editor of the anthology “All-American: 45 American Men on Being Muslim” published this June 2012 by White Cloud Press. Wajahat is currently writing a TV pilot with Dave Eggers about a Muslim American cop in the Bay Area, California, and he is working on his first movie screenplay

Celebrating International Day of Peace

Celebrating International Day of Peace

This year the International Day of Peace, which is marked each year on 21 September, falls on  a Friday. Islamic centres and mosques across the UK and overseas will be leading their local communities in marking the day. They will invite visitors to join them during or after Friday  Prayers (Salaatul-Jumu’a) to exchange messages of peace, to celebrate local peace-building  activities and to enjoy the hospitality offered.

Local schools, churches, synagogues, temples, gurdwaras and community organisations will be  invited to observe the day by accepting these invitations.

Some Islamic centres in the UK are pairing up with a nearby church, religious community or school  and linking their observance of the International Day of Peace to similar pairs overseas.

For more information, please click here