Seminar: Afghanistan / Pakistan Futures – US Perspectives

With the drawdown of US combat troops from Afghanistan after July 2011 and the planned transition of security to Afghan command by the end of 2014, what are the key priorities for US policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

The White House annual policy review last December said that: ‘The core goal of the US strategy in the Afghanistan and Pakistan theatre remains to disrupt, dismantle, and eventually defeat al-Qaeda in the region and to prevent its return.’ This built upon US President Barack Obama’s West Point speech a year before in which he said: ‘Our security is at stake in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is the epicentre of violent extremism practiced by al-Qaeda.’

To achieve its goals, what form will US military and civilian engagement in Afghanistan take in the future? To what extent will the US support attempts at reconciliation between the Afghan government and the Taliban leadership?

Prof Vali Nasr is Senior Advisor to the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan at the US State Department. He is Professor of International Politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University. From 2003-07 he was Professor and Chair of Research, Department of National Security Affairs at the US Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey and from 2007-09, Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

He has authored six books on political Islam, including, most recently, Meccanomics: The Rise of the New Muslim Middle Class and What it will do for our World.

This event will be chaired by Adam Ward, Director of Studies, IISS.

This is a joint event between the IISS and The Cordoba Foundation

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Meeting: Contending Modernities

The Cordoba Foundation will take part in a three day consulation meeting organised by Notre Dame University (USA) on the theme of Contending Modernities, which is a major multi-year, cross-cultural,  interdisciplinary research initiative focused on generating new knowledge and greater understanding of the ways in which religious and secular forces interact for good and for ill in the modern world.  By examining these interactions, the study hopes to identify ways for religious and non-religious people and institutions to work together in addressing the world’s most pressing problems.


 Venue: Notre Dame Centre, London



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Lecture Tour Australia- Take Action: Invest in Your Community

The Australian Islamic Mission (AIM) in Sydney will be hosting several community events which involves a series of talks / workshops by  Anas Altikriti the CEO of The Cordoba Foundation

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The Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth will also be hosting  Anas Altikriti for a series of lectures and seminars in Melbourne.


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Film Screening and Panel Discussion: DEATH TUNNEL

Film Screening and Panel Discussion: DEATH TUNNEL

Arts Canteen and The Cordoba Foundation present Death Tunnel, a special screening and panel discussion exploring the true stories of Gazans, who living under siege, dig tunnels in order to work and live.

Following the screening, there will be  a panel discussion with the documentary film maker Mohammed Harb,  Maysoon Pachachi, founder of Baghdad film school and Oliver McTernan, director of Forward Thinking

Date & Time: Wednesday  27th June, 6.30pm

: 24 Greencoat Place, London, SW1P 1RD (closest tube is Victoria).


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Please note that there will be a £5  admission fee payable at the door.

TRIP ANNOUNCEMENT – British Delgation to Bosnia-Herzegovina

TRIP ANNOUNCEMENT – British Delgation to Bosnia-Herzegovina

The Cordoba Foundation will be leading a delegation of British Muslims to Bosnia-Herzegovina this year, between 6/7* July to 15 July. The trip is part of ongoing work by The Cordoba Foundation in Bosnia, namely raising awareness around the massacre in Srebrenica and supporting specific projects.

2012 is the last year before the month of Ramadan coincides with the annual Srebrenica memorial (11th July), thus making it difficult for people to travel for the next few years. Join us this year inshaAllah.

1.    Partake in the 11 July 2012 Srebrenica International Anniversary, where the janazah of hundreds of Bosnian Muslims will take place.
2.    Observe how Bosnian Muslims have responded and are recovering from the long years of war, destruction and ethnic-cleansing.
3.    Discuss and exchange ideas and thoughts about the Muslim experience in Europe and future scenarios.
4.    Support a specific fundraising projects.
5.    Raise greater awareness of the genocide.

The week-long trip (6/7-15 July) will include visits to important sites and meetings with prominent people, including the Grand Mufti, scholars, families of shuhada, teachers, community leaders, campaigners, families and orphans. The trip will also include recreational and sightseeing activities, including water-rafting and mountain-climbing.

A detailed scheduled will be provided closer to the time of the trip.

Fees inclusive of flights, hotels, transportation inside Bosnia, trips and meetings/briefings. Cost is £800

Deadline for confirmation:
11th July 2012. Confirmation will need to be accompanied by full payment (cash and non-refundable) and the completion of form, below. To arrange payment of fees email: (send completed form, along with a copy of a valid British passport to the same address).


1.    British citizens do not require visa to enter Bosnia. Non-UK residents will need to apply for visa, which can take time and may result in complications. We are therefore only accepting people who hold British passports.
2.    Children are not encouraged on this trip given the packed schedule and extensive travel.
3.    Pre-trip briefing and full itinerary will be provided nearer to the date.
4.    The Cordoba Foundation will have the final say on the composition of the delegation.


Abdullah Faliq – Organiser 07947 787 222 |


Roundtable / Reception – Security in Europe

Roundtable / Reception – Security in Europe

A dialogue on Security in Europe, organised by the European Network on Religion and Belief (ENORB), exploring the contribution of Europe’s diversity of religions, humanist and philosophical traditions to overcoming discrimination, violence and extremism.

This event is the first public seminar organised by ENORB, a new European network combating discrimination and prejudice and promoting mutual understanding and harmony in the field of Religion and Belief.  As with other EU Equalities networks, ENORB works for common action on the basis of the inclusive policies enshrined in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights

There is a deadline of May 15th for registering.  Please click here to register

Cordoba Heritage Series: Victoria and Abdul – The Story of a Queen and her Muslim Confidant

Cordoba Heritage Series: Victoria and Abdul – The Story of a Queen and her Muslim Confidant

The Cordoba Foundation is launching a new series of talks called ‘Cordoba Heritage Series‘ aimed at exploring, understanding and appreciating our common heritage and creative legacy to offer solutions to difficult questions of identity and belonging in today’s  ‘West’.  By exploring the shared history that acknowledges the many sources of western culture from the east, we recognise the history of empire as a history that belongs equally to all its heirs, of every race, faith and nation.

In June 1887 two Indian servants were sent to Queen Victoria as a present for her Golden Jubilee. One was the 24-year-old Abdul Karim.   Young Karim immediately caught the Queen’s eye and was rapidly promoted to become her Indian Secretary. He cooked her curries, became her Hindustani tutor and delighted the elderly Queen with his stories about India. She honoured him with titles, gave him houses in Windsor, Balmoral and Osborne and extensive land in Agra. He advised her on Indian politics and soon became the lonely monarch’s closest companion. Despite the objections of her family and courtiers, who even threatened to overthrow her on grounds of ‘insanity’, the Queen stood by Karim till her last days, and refused to let him go.

Victora & Abdul is the story of an unusual relationship between the Empress of India and a humble servant which flourished at a time when the British Empire was at its height. At its heart, it is a story of love and friendship in the midst of tensions and unease about the ‘Other’.

Venue: Initiatives of Change UK, 24 Greencoat Place, London, SW1P 1RD. (Click here for more directions on getting to the venue)

Date and time: Thursday 10th May 2012, 6.30pm

Roundtable Discussion: Islam in the Balkans

Roundtable Discussion: Islam in the Balkans

A roundtable discussion with
Dr Ahmet Alibašić – Bosnia-Herzegovina
Thursday 26 April, 2012
Islamic Forum of Europe (Meeting Room)
3rd Floor, Business Wing,
London Muslim Centre,
38 – 44 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1JX
Nearest tube: Whitechapel or Aldgate East.

Dr Ahmet Alibašić is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Sarajevo where he teaches Islamic culture and civilisation. He is also the director of the Center for Advanced Studies in Sarajevo. Dr Alibašić completed his doctorate at the Sarajevo University in 2011 researching Islamic opposition in the Arab World. He studied Arabic Language and Islamic Studies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, later studying Islamic studies, political science, and Islamic civilisation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Dr Alibašić is actively involved in inter-religious dialogue and served as the first director of the InterReligious Institute in Sarajevo (2007-2008), which was jointly established by the Islamic Community, the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church, and Jewish Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. From 2003 until 2007, he served as Deputy President of the Association of Islamic Scholars in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dr Alibašić has authored and translated a plethora of books and articles, ranging from Islam and politics, Islamic movements, Islam in the Balkans, democratisation of the Muslim World, human rights, opposition legitimisation in Islam, to church-state relations in Europe and the United States.

An invitation-only event. Limited spaces.