UN International Day to Combat Islamophobia – 15 March 2023

With the world coming to terms with crimes of past and present committed for various reasons, and with culprits of those crimes brought to account, there remains the crime of discrimination against Muslims for their faith. Those perpetrating hatred of Islam and Muslims are yet to receive the same recognition as other tendencies of hate, discrimination and prejudice.

Not only is Islamophobia still officially unrecognised in many parts of the world, many continue to deny any such phenomena even exists, or go further to give succour to Islamophobes and Islamophobic tropes.

The 15th of March is a day to uphold campaigns against Islamophobia and to call out Islamophobes everywhere for what they truly are; ignorant at best, racists and more at worst.

The Cordoba Foundation has long been working with partners to combat Islamophobia through research, advocacy and raising awareness. The International Day to Combat Islamophobia is a step in the right direction and we hope it will refocus our efforts to confront the real impact of Islamophobia in our communities.