Research & Publications

The Cordoba Foundation views research and publications as crucial tools to  bridging differences, mending divisions and finding common grounds amongst people and cultures.



In our research we are  committed to addressing  key challenges to striving for the common good amongst people in the 21st century.  This is carried out through specialised research programs and commissioned research projects (both thematically and regionally).  Whilst the scope of our research is broad and evolving, our priorities are  in the following areas.


  •  Cosmopolitanism (Citizenship, Identity and Integration) – Here we look at developing ideas and concepts of identity, belonging and rights.  We examine how citizenship is developed within  minority communities as well as in a faith context.  We debate multiculturalism and plurality today’s fast changing society and  discuss politics through examining foreign and domestic policy and their impact on communities globally.  Engagement is another area where we examine the interaction of policy with community cohesion.  Among other issues, we explore the role of Islam & Democracy and seek to understand and challenge the narrative of extremism and radicalisation within faith communities, namely Muslims in the Global North.
  • Social Justice – Developing policies and providing guidance on issues of peace building and conflict resolution, poverty alleviation, gender equality,  good governance and human rights,
  • Rapprochement of Cultures – It is vital that we foster better understanding and dialogue.  To this end we seek to provide a forum for the enhancement of knowledge in the fields of  art, culture, history and science.  Improving the spectrum of  inter and intra faith / cultural dialogue and engagement remains a priority for us.
  • Revisiting Theological Studies  – We recognise that this can prove to be challenging in nature but we recognise the need to develop a new treatise for Muslims living in the Global North (and as minorities) who look for guidance from scriptural sources on issues of socio-political and socio-economic concerns.  Hence our research seeks to revisit Islamic scriptural sources with a view to developing new contexts for the understanding of modern realities.

The research program also includes a regional focus:

  •     UK
  •     Europe
  •     Middle East
  •     South Asia




As an independent, objective, international research institution, we seek to advance the wider understanding of critical social issues and their potential trends and resolutions.  We do this through a number of specialist publications which provide a platform for accessible discussions on issues of policy relevance and topicality.


Arches Quarterly  is a quarterly journal which provides deep and nuanced analysis of the issues and developments in the arena of dialogue, civilisations and a rapprochement between Islam and the West





Occasional Papers  is  a series that provides a medium for diverse opinions, presenting a comprenhensive  view of the myriad perspectives pertaining to dialogue and cross-cultural exchange. Contributions in this series come from experts and world leaders.



No Enemy To ConquerCordoba Papers which are the proceedings of the Cordoba Seminars which are a series of academic seminars on current affairs and issues in the arena of dialogue and civilisations




Toolkits  which are practical guides to help targeted audiences to develop their skills and awareness around specific needs by providing information, tools and guidance in order for them to proactively engage and interact with institutions and other stakeholders in society.





In addition to this, we  have the following sets of publications:

* Policy Papers – produced on an occasional basis, in response to significant events or to provide background information on particular areas of interest
* Reports – produced to explain research findings (either internal or externally commissioned) or on an annual basis to summarise our main achievements over the previous financial year
* External reports – produced by other organisations that are of interest and use to our audience.

We also invite blogs and articles to be submitted to us for publication on our website.


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