The Cordoba Foundation launches, The MENA Report, the first in a series of monthly reports, providing insights and analysis of events and developments in the Middle East and North Africa. Aimed at European and Western readerships, the report provides impartial, accurate and authoritative content and analysis, through The Cordoba Foundation’s unique access to rare and highly important primary sources in the Middle East and beyond.

Head of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at The Cordoba Foundation, Dr Fareed Sabri described the Middle East and North Africa an ancient place were religions, sects, communities and empires have risen, ruled, withered and passed over the past 7000 years. “Each historic experience, war, religion and rule carved its mark on the human topography of the region. Nowadays, democracy has become the rallying cry for the masses and the elite. It is not uncommon to hear the most ardent of dictators in the region talking about the democratic way of life, free expression and participatory politics making it very difficult and tricky to separate truths from deception and inaccuracy. The MENA Report seeks to unpick and unravel some of this, and provide objective and strategic insights into events and developments in the region.”

The first issue of The MENA Report focuses on some of the salient issues and developments in the region, including crises facing the new governments in Egypt and Tunisia; the situation on the ground in Bahrain and the role of Gulf countries; the Israel-Palestine conflict and the recent French operations in Mali.

Anas Altikriti, Chief Executive of The Cordoba Foundation, explained the launch of the new report as “being part of The Cordoba Foundation’s ever-expanding work, namely in the fields of research and publications. Our in-house experts and researchers are acquainted with the region’s traditions, its socio-political and cultural mosaic as well as the many layers of society. We hope to fill the void of academic and political analysis of events in the region through this new series.”



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